Nov. 9th, 2013

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>> Warning: This post will probably be filled with a bunch of weird sentence structures, grammatical errors & a weird and abrupt flow. If you are unable to tolerate this, please click back, or close this tab/window. (I feel that it is necessary to say this every time I post ww) <<

I'll still be trying my best to keep it as 'proper' as possible though! \o/

As the titles says, this post will be a live report on this amazing live I attended, "Itowokashi Roadside Live ~in Singapore~", held by Itou Kashitarou, LeftyMonsterP & TarutoP, near the Merlion Park at Marina Bay today!

YES, I skipped my class and attended the live, with the best seats as well! \o\ Along with Irin, Nisa (I'm gonna call you Nisa from now on, Night ww), while making new friends like Shiro, JiaRu & Sora!

I'll jump straight to the point till when the live started, but before that was basically first meetings with everyone, helping out in preparing their fanboard, the horrible suspense while waiting for the 3 to arrive, a SunaP-lookalike, anddd unknowingly sitting in a circle and listening to some Itowokashi before the live, as if we were trying to summon them through their own songs. ww

Note that I don't fully remember what they all said, but since they got their messages through clearly, I'll be rephrasing what I remember from the in between talks. |D

On to the live report! \o\ )

Fooooooo it's been a while since I actually sat down to type a long post for a few hours ww /started at 2220 |D

Time to get recharged for more of them tomorrow now!!


EDIT (13/11/2013) : I added a part on how Kashitarou mentioned about how expensive Singapore is, and changed the title of track 4 too! I realized that it's Natsu no Nioi instead, and not Yakusoku. Sorry for any misunderstandings! D:)

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