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Utattemita meme #8:: Song to which you know the whole lyrics

01. Favourite song
02. Favourite song (ver. rap)
03. Song which boost up your mood
04. Song which makes you sad
05. Song which reminds you of somebody
06. Song which reminds you of some place
07. Song which reminds you of some event
08. Song to which you know whole lyrics
09. Song that makes you wanna dance
10. Sleepy song
11. Favourite utaite song
12. The most not liked utaite song
13. Guilty pleasure song
14. Song you didn't expect to start liking
15. Random Random Random Random
16. Song about yourself
17. Song you used to like
18. Song from other part of niconico than utattemita
19. Song with nice dancing choreography
20. Song I like to listen to when I'm angry
21. Song I like to listen to when I'm happy
22. Song I like to listen to when I'm sad
23. Song I would love to hear on my wedding
24. Song that could be played on my funeral
25. Song that makes me laugh
26. I don't get it why this song is so popular
27. Song I would never skip on my music player
28. Song which started my adventure with NND
29. Song which is not popular for some weird reason
30. My favourite cover from this month (October)

I sing along most of my favourite covers, so I've already lost count of the number of songs, in which I know the whole lyrics. \o\

Well, that is, when I'm singing. 8D;; I won't even be able to write out the romanized lyrics, without the singing/music itself. "orz Anyway, let's get on with this. \o\

I guess I shall list about 1 song each, from my favourite utaites' covers. |>

...though the version of amu's scissorhands, in my mp4, is part of Pointfive(.5)'s enhAnce. \o\ I feel that he sounded better in the album, and with Dasoku. But since it's an official release, this shall do the trick. \o\
And yea, top top favourite cover track from amu. \o\

Nerutan & Jack-san (くねるっ)'s cover of Juu Mensou! Before they upped it, I was already looping it and 'learning' the lyrics, so.. 8D

Of course, not to forget Asamakku's Summer Rain! Summer Rain covers are all around my playlist, so it's a definite, that I'll know the lyrics.

I really liked Marutan's I love you I need you, so it was already known before i knew it. Ahaha.
I prefer this over T-kun's. ^^;

clear's covers/tracks are always playing in my playlist, so it's also another definite that I'll remember most of them. clear's Yumekui Shirokuro Baku is my favourite among all though, since it really has a deceiving feeling from his singing. Most covers of this song, I've listened to,are similar to 96neko's, in which it's somewhat going along the 'eroi' line. Therefore, this is definitely my favourite cover for this track, and from clear. (going a little off topic now...)

And of course of course, how can we forget the all-time trendy magnet? :3

I like Shinpakusuu's lyrics alot, ever since I've learnt of it's meaning and gist story. nero & Jack's cover of this, are my top. But since Jack's cover is a commu up, I decided to link nero's instead. I really like how nero sings using his deeper voice here, since it really enhances the meaning of this song, imo. I also like his cover, over Dasoku's cover. ^^;;; I even need to say? |>;;

......andddd I overdid it with this post. |D;;;
I actually linked the least amu-covers... (/-;)rz