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Went to AFA2011 today, with Iris! Writing a report on today, since today was rather fun ~ And this DW is somehow dying, since I keep forgetting to keep up with the Utattemita meme. |D;; It's gonna be a tl;dr post.

Woke up early in the morning at 7.30am, since my brother and I planned on eating breakfast together, before going out with our own friends. He totally ditched me in the morning though, only waking up at 8.15am, and telling me in 5mins later that he doesn't wanna go out for breakfast & with his friends anymore. :T Ate mum's handmade vegetable dumplings, and went off at 9am to meet Iris @ Yio Chu Kang MRT. \o\

Reached YCK MRT accurately at 9.30am, the time we planned on meeting. Messaged Iris to ask she's coming yet, to find out that she's still panicking and searching for her specs. (._.;) She found it in 5mins, and asked for 10mins. Gave an okay, only to see her 30mins later. (._.#) Just when I was finally punctual.... (._. ) So we left the station at around 10.15am, taking an approximately 20~30mins ride to City Hall. We talked about seiyuus and all, since she mentioned about Nana, and I questioned why AFA refuse to invite any male seiyuus. We came in conclusion that they're all just too hard to ask for them to come over to Singapore. (-v- )

We reached City Hall at about 10.45am.... Walked to Suntec Convention Halls....just to find out that Iris forgot to bring her pass along.(#゚Д゚)SOOOO we had to make ONE BIG trip back to YCK, walk to her house, and take a train back to City Hall. (##゚Д゚) And now she owes me Haagen Daaz. Since I was supposed to meet Shan (@shamscribe) at noon-ish, I decided to message her while we were on the way back to City Hall. She was already at Raffles City (1 stop after), so we decided to meet at Citylink's entrance, just outside City Hall's MRT station. She was so prettyyyyyy when I met her... (*-* ) Even Iris agreed with me... (*Д* ) We parted ways in like, 5mins though. 8D;; Since she had plans... and Iris was with me... and I didn't know what to do... (/-\ ) /feels bad for leaving so quickly

The both of us then proceeded to Suntec. Since it was already noon, we decided to have our 'budget lunch': 1 packet of sushi & slurpee for her, and Starbucks for me 8D;; Reached the halls at about 12.30pm. A lot of cosplayers were already coming in. We saw a few really nice ones, like the WIll of Abyss & Alice cosplay. We, or rather, she, couldn't take a photo of them, since they were walking, and we're still not at the 'area for photos'. (^^;) And we reached the halls in 5mins time. \o\ It was really packed upstairs, since AFA2011 took up 3 halls, and 1 hall was taken up by a food & electronics fair. =v=; It was really crowded, with families and, well, 'otakus'.

We went in to the festival hall to look around, before we proceeded to Main Stage area. The first thing I saw when I enter:

Yea, one big Terebi-chan balloon to show that NicoNicoDouga booth is at that area. Look at the people on that lane.. (Д )・・・ We tried going through the lane, and it was such a bad decision. "orz We had to squeeze through the crowd, and I had to catch up with her so that we won't waste our time finding each other later on. (@v@;) Managed to take a glimpse of the screen and the comments though. Sadly, Hiroyuki wasn't there. Ahaha... (=v=;) But they were really broadcasting... so I somehow regretted not bring an 'ofurotaimu'-banner or something to advertise. (-ヮ- )

We briefly went one round around the area, and moved on to the stage area. \o\ It was rather empty, since an illustrator talk was on a few moments ago, and not much people attended it. ('v';) We easily found a seat to settle down, and we waited for the next event to start: Milky Holmes & SEA*A & Cardfight! Vanguard. Cardfight! Vanguard somehow really reminds me of Yugioh, just with better looking characters, and better looking graphics. It somehow made me wanna watch it... (=ヮ= ) /was a fan of Yugioh Animation. We then watched the Sea*A member playing the card game with the.. director? (not sure ;;) The Sea*A members were really supportive, I must say, but their speaking voices were really sharp and painful, so I couldn't stand paying attention anymore. (^^;) Their event then added at around 1.30pm. They didn't perform at all... (´・ω・`;) They took a break, while we stayed at our seats, waiting for next event, while trying to scold Andy (@ND_nanodesu), since he still owe us a group photo, in which we ended up getting trolled by him. (=v=#) Jiajie (@xFarron) and his friend then met up with us, around the time before the next event started.

FLOW & Ichirou Mizuki then finally came on stage. I've yet to hear both's songs, to be honest, but I've heard about them around the net, so it was... quite weird. (=ヮ= ) But they were really nice, and fun. All the stage audience, FLOW & Ichirou Mizuki, did his (Ichirou Mizuki's) pose. (>ヮ< ) It was amusing to see everyone doing the same thing. w They left the stage in 5 mins, and Chiwa Saito entered the stage in 10mins time. Chiwa Saito was Madoka Magica's Homura Akemi (homuhomu)'s voice actress, by the way. :3 homuhomu. She looked REALLY different from the AFA photo. (^ヮ^;) Positively different, imo. As expected, she live dubbed homuhomu Homura's role. It was really really good. (*-* ) I like how the crowd practically cheered out loud when Kyubey was shot multiple times by Homura, and how the crowd sorta 'eww'-ed when Kyubey started consuming his own body. After some Q&A, the question ended, and Iris and I went off to do a thorough run through the festival.

Before that, we went to the toilet, since my cup of Starbucks & plain water was making me urgent. (=v=;) We actually waited for about 10-20mins, just to get into 1 cubical. Apparently, 2 cosplayers were taking their time to dress up. (._.#) Didn't dare to say anything, since I didn't want anybody flaming me behind my back. Entered the festival hall again @ about 3.30pm. The Nico-booth was, again, really packed. ._. So we tried avoiding that particular lane. Walked around for about half an hour, finding nothing interesting, but figures figures & figures. We ended up taking some cosplayers on the way, and walking to the illustration booths, while squeezing through the crowds. Not a single thing that caught our eye, to buy. (._. )

The illustrations are nice though!

I saw the ZANEEDS booth though, and I think 1 of the ZANEEDS members' there. They had really nice posters for $10 each. I only wanted the Singapore-special poster, but apparently I have to buy the 2 other posters to get that. Got a feeling that my mother might lecture me for getting it, and skipped it. (._. ) Went on to a shop, where we saw Reborn & Fairy Tail goods, so we decided to queue in. We realised that we sorta cut the queue when we were really near the entrance after 1min. (=ヮ=;) すみませんでしたー Iris bought a Fairy Tail tattoo + Keychain, Fairy Tail cup, TYL Hibari folder for her senpai, a Misaka-item for Andy's birthday present next year, and... 1 Kuroshitsuji tattoo. Paid, and proceeded to the exit --- to find the Vongola Primo cosplayer we saw last year. (-v- ) Of course, being a Primo lover, she requested for a photo with him, and started jumping around after that. (-ヮ- )

Saw some Voca-itashas before we left.

Moved on outside to take some cosplay photos ~ Saw a number of 'rare' Vocaloid cosplays, like Nem's Len&Gumi Nyansei (surprisingly, but only Gumi) & YM's Gumi Juu Mensou. Sharing some photos I snagged from Iris' album. \o\

Himitsu Keisatsu ~ I was rather pleased with this cosplay. (・ω・)

Koi wa Sensou, Meiko & Kagamine ver. I was quite surprised & happy that people actually did Meiko & Kagamines', rather than Miku's. (゚ワ゚ )

Mephisto from Ao no Exorcist! This was really realistic and well done. Too bad the lighting wasn't good, at the area we took it.

Mirai-chan ~ This cosplayer's really cute. (・ω・)



Lavi ~


Rin, Yukio & Shura!

Misaka & Kuroko ~

And a whole bunch of characters. (=ヮ= )

It was already around 5-5.15pm, so we decided to go off, since I was hungry. (=v=;) But before we left, we saw this:

YES, ASAMACK COSPLAYERS. STRAY SHEEP COSPLAY. Literally gasped when I saw them posing for photographers. Dragged Iris there, and asked her to take photos of them in my place. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I was so surprised & happy to see Asamack cosplayers here! Wait, no. I was REALLY surprised that there's even an utaite cosplay! And they chose Asamack too! Among all the utaites and groups! Like Pointfive(.5)! Not to mention that their cosplay's really well done, even when Asamack's characters are really complicated and detailed. Just look at the whole fur stick of Orikyara-chan! (*-* ) Kinda regret not asking for their names before I left. (;Д; )

And soooo, walked back to City Hall MRT with Iris. Trained to Bishan to meet my parents for dinner. Apparently, we're going to Marina Barrage for dinner, which means I'm practically going back and pass City Hall again. (=v=;) It was really windy at Marina Barrage. It felt even more cold and chilling compared to whole-day air-conditioned Suntec. It was really nice. (´v` ) Took a big stroll with my brother at the roof, since I've never been up there before. Really enjoyed the moment. (´ヮ` ) Had dinner, and finally reached home at 10pm. \(´v`)/

Today's loot:

Got my ニコソン from Shan! Thanks to her again, for helping me to get it~ (・v・) And y-yea, you'll realise that there's no loot from AFA. Didn't dare to, or felt like buying anything at all there so... (-v-;) I didn't mind spending some money for Nyanko-sensei or Natsume, but I didn't even see a picture of them at all. (._. ) In fact, they didn't even really showcase this year's animes, other than AoEx & AnoHana. Was really disappointed, to be honest. (._. ) But I guess it's a good thing, since now I have the money to get Utattemita no Hon 5 now. \(´ヮ`\)

Though last year's experience was much more enjoyable, I really enjoyed myself today. (*´v`*) Will be going to Malaysia tomorrow! So have fun! To those that are going for tomorrow's event ~

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