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debbie★ ([personal profile] aera) wrote2012-04-21 10:26 pm
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A little conversation I had with my friends...

On Friday, my friends and I chatted about our End-of-Year Prom, like how our faces -- with eye bags, dark circles and some pimples -- will probably ruin how we look, and how our 'body shape' will probably ruin the dress, no matter how nicely we were dressed.

(Ahem, note the 'singlish', or really bad grammar. |D;)
Me: It's a good thing that I probably will only have to worry about my really bad dark circles...
Friends: ....
Me: (´・ω・`)
Friend (A): ....try pulling the skin under your eyes.
Me: ('v' )? *pulls*
Me: (;A; )!
Friend (A): AND REALLY REALLY BAD ONES TOO. Look at how much you can pull!
ME: (QAQ )!!!!
Friend (B): And you're still happy about just having your really bad circles. ('-' )
Me: (Q_Q;)・・・

So yeah, good luck to me during prom! \o\
On a side note, I'm still working on my live report from February. Whoops ~ \o\
& I've yet to start working on that spotlight I kinda want to write for ofuro. Teehee ~ \o\
&& I really have the urge to cover something, even without the equipments, environment, software and time to do so. Aha ~ \o\
These should be the least of my plans now though... orz


Updating DW, since it's been a while. (.-. )