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Itowokashi Roadside Live ~ in Singapore ~ Live Report

>> Warning: This post will probably be filled with a bunch of weird sentence structures, grammatical errors & a weird and abrupt flow. If you are unable to tolerate this, please click back, or close this tab/window. (I feel that it is necessary to say this every time I post ww) <<

I'll still be trying my best to keep it as 'proper' as possible though! \o/

As the titles says, this post will be a live report on this amazing live I attended, "Itowokashi Roadside Live ~in Singapore~", held by Itou Kashitarou, LeftyMonsterP & TarutoP, near the Merlion Park at Marina Bay today!

YES, I skipped my class and attended the live, with the best seats as well! \o\ Along with Irin, Nisa (I'm gonna call you Nisa from now on, Night ww), while making new friends like Shiro, JiaRu & Sora!

I'll jump straight to the point till when the live started, but before that was basically first meetings with everyone, helping out in preparing their fanboard, the horrible suspense while waiting for the 3 to arrive, a SunaP-lookalike, anddd unknowingly sitting in a circle and listening to some Itowokashi before the live, as if we were trying to summon them through their own songs. ww

Note that I don't fully remember what they all said, but since they got their messages through clearly, I'll be rephrasing what I remember from the in between talks. |D

Ignoring the fact that they came walking in with they bare & ちょっとイケメン faces, they came in at roughly 3.15pm to set up their instruments. Everyone sat and cornered in front of them, while watching them set up their stuff. Of course, thanks to Irin & Nisa and everyone, I got a seat righttttttt in front of them. *cue shakes*

While Kashitarou warms up his wonderful vocal chords, with Lefty and Taruto setting up other instruments, Kashitarou started sitting down on their speaker, initiating a chat with everyone of us.

He spoke mostly in English, btw, but he dropped in Japanese here and there once in a while. Though in broken words, he started speaking in English, surprisingly, and in no order (cause I forgot which topic came first ww), he asked how many of us are locals, how many of us are from other countries, and how many of us knew Japanese. He misheard someone from the audience saying "America", and got a shock from it, but afterwards he understood that she's from Indonesia instead, and went on to asking for any other countries. Surprisingly, there wasn't a single local Japanese around. ww
How many of you understand Japanese?
Ah, roughly half of the crowd huh ww
English de OK? (Audience: Ok ~)
We... Itowokashi's english is not good though www (Audience: www)

(EDIT: 13/11/2013)
Kashitarou then mentioned about how Singapore is kinda expensive traveling around.
Kashitarou: Singapore (is kinda) expensive.
Thai is.... (audience: cheaper? w) Yes! Cheap!!!
In Thai, 20 minutes taxi ride, Singapore $4. (Audience: !?!?!? www)
(It's roughly) around 300yen? ww
4 or us, each one meal, total $3. (Audience: 安いwwwwwww)
Singapore, expensive. wwwww

I can't blame them finding Singapore really expensive, even if Japan's supposed to be roughly the same, since the difference is really big ww

He asked what's a/the most popular Japanese song in Singapore too. Nobody knew what to answer, since most of us at present were mainly nicodou listeners too, and Irin ended up answering Hoshiai. ww
Irin: Hoshiai!
Kashitarou: Hoshiai!?
Random person in the audience: Kimi no Shiawase!
Kashitarou: Kimi no Shiawase!? Isn't this weird? ww (可笑しいでしょうwww)

In the end, he didn't get a proper reply, and went back to helping Lefty & Taruto out since they were asking for him. |D It wasn't long until they finished setting up everything, and starting the roadside live though!

Kashitarou started off with thanking everyone for attending the live, and asking what's the Singapore version of "Thank You", probably thinking that we're a country that speaks Malay as native language. I don't blame him though, since our national anthem itself is already in Malay lyrics. Nisa then told him that it's "Terima Kasih", while someone at the back explained to him that most of us actually speak in English, and we usually just use "Thank You".
Kashitarou: Terima Kasih ~
Lefty: Itowokashi?
Kashitarou: Nonononono www Terima Kasih!
Lefty: Itowokashi!
Taruto: Terimakase?
Kashitarou: NO Terima Kasih!!!

They're so nakayoku that it's actually fun seeing them fool around like this. XD

He asked who came from school too, or decided to "absent class", and practically everyone raised their hands, giving him a shock. ww
You bad poison girls!! (he literally said something like that XD)

All of us laughed off, and right away they started with their first song: Hoshiai!

I was expecting them to start off with START, but this was as yabai! His high notes were hitting every correct point, and gosh he sounds great in live. (shjashkjdsahkj) The audience was awkward though, especially all of us on the first row, since we didn't know what to do, other than staring at them sing or looking away to avoid weird eye contacts. ww

Kashitarou noticed it right away after the song though, and asked us to clap to the beat instead. XD Going "練習--- Practice practice! Let's practice!", he gave us a beat to clap to, and went on with the next song right away with the rhythm: Share, We Are!

Listening to it on nicodou itself was already fun enough, but it was even more fun and cheerful hearing it live! Too bad we didn't bring any Pocky to use it like lightsticks for this song. ww Halfway through, Lefty commented that "This rhythm is kinda difficult! (This rhythm, 難しい!)", making Kashitarou laugh, probably because he didn't expect Lefty to comment, and tried translating 難しい to the crowd. Sadly, he translated it as "different" rather than "difficult", but no one else dared to correct him in the middle of the song though. ww It's close enough anyway. |D /shot

For some reason, the pace started to pick up though, and Lefty started playing Karukuri's intro straight after Share, We Are ended. A lot of us (or maybe it's just me) didn't expect him to sing any covers though, so we (or maybe it's just me again w) were all surprised and happy to recognize the intro. w
Kashitarou: Oh, do you know this song? :D

Karakuri was probably one of the most fun song of the day though, imo! Kashitarou let us all sing the 2nd part of "あぁ、回って、回って、回り疲れて" & "あぁ、息が、息が、息が止まるの", repeating the same part twice as well. I really like chances to sing along like this, so it's my favourite of the day, if you ask me. ww

After Karakuri ended, Lefty noticed someone behind the audience. Since we were really worried that they would get in trouble for hosting a live out in the public like this (because of Singapore and our laws and rules (>_>)), for a moment I thought it was the police that really came, and looked back right away, only to see a man in a security-like uniform. I thought we were all in trouble, only to be directed to the left by Lefty (no pun intended) to see someone familiar: Abe-chan. *poof worries*

Kashitarou introduced Abe-chan as someone from Dwango/Niwango.
Lefty: I had a shock!! (びっくりしたよ!!)

With that, Kashitarou moved on to tell us that it's already the last second song of the day, since he was worried about us and the heat. We told them that it's actually this hot every day, so there's no need to worry. Kashitarou then asked us about seasons, telling us that there's four seasons in Japan. What's cute was that the 3 of them started singing a season-song to figure out what are the English names of seasons, and was all "They probably have no idea what is this song we're singing! w". XD Kashitarou asked us about our season and weather, and basically we told him that it's "forever summer", "summer everyday" here. \o/

After finishing the short talk, they continued to the next song, a new song in their latest album "Kishotenketsu": Natsu no Nioi! I only listened to the crossfade once when it was first uploaded, so I had no idea what it was until now, to be honest. ww Not to mention Kashitarou didn't mention any of the track names too, so I was totally clueless about it until he introduced it as a new song in their new album. (/was about to wonder why I hadn't heard it before if it's not a new song ww) Of course, it was as yabai as Hoshiai, to the point where I have nothing else to say about it except for "Yabai". ww

Ahhhhhh !!!!!!

Kashitarou then talked about what this song is actually about, and that it's actually a sad song about "lover dead". He then mentioned that the last song would be a sad song too, but instead of it being "lover dead", it's "cat dead" this time. XD; Of course, a lot of us already know what's coming up next. \o\ Kashitarou mentioned that this song (the "cat dead" one, yes w) was done because Lefty's cat passed away, and he was having all the feels and decided to write a song about it.
Kashitarou: We, Itowokashi, like animals.
I have a cat at home.
Lefty HAD a cat a home.
But Taruto... You look like an animal. (because Taruto was wearing a lion-like mask ww)

Lefty: You look like an animal too.

Kashitarou: No you look like an animal too!!!

I could go on watching them bicker over things like these all day long. www /shot

They started singing the last song straight afterwards: Sayonara no Kawari ni! Kashitarou's live singing is really really reallyyyyy good, as expected. Sayonara no Kawari ni had 2 high points in each chorus, and my goodness he hit them all so well. (*v* ) His lower and husky key is just as good too, so ahhhhhhhhhh!!!...he's seriously good. It was wonderful as an ending too, though I had expected them to sing Tabidachi no Uta, since they're technically on a 'tabidachi' now. ww

Just as they were about to end the whole live, Sora, a friend of Irin, Nisa & Shiro, came running in. Kashitarou noticed her, and apologized that they had actually just finished the last song. They were reallyyy nice though, and decided to sing one short encore before ending the live, and they decided to play the "most yabai of the yabai": You.

By far, "You" is one of my favourite songs by them, so I was really happy that they sung it. (;v; ) Even if it's just one short chorus! When Kashitarou sang "ようにずっと、明日は素晴らしい", "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ;;;;;" was all I was thinking, seriously. He hit the note soooo well...! (;v; ) Not to mention it's even higher than Sayonara no Kawari ni's chorus..! For some reason, he didn't seem satisfied with it though, or maybe he was all "Yes...!!" for hitting the note, but really, he was so good. (;-; )b

After ending the live, he requested everyone to take a group shot together. Of course, everyone was more than willing to do so. ww (it's one of the reason that this is a must-attend compared to tomorrow's, after all. |D While everyone's trying to get into position, the 3 of them kept flipping through their iPad, trying to find where the camera is. When they finally found it, the camera was facing them and they were all "うえええええwwwwうええええwwwww" at it (and they probably took a shot too wwww).
Abe-chan: Ito ~
Everyone: WOKASHI ~!!!!

Abe-chan ended up helping them to take the photo with his own phone, saying that he'll send the photo to him (Kashitarou) later on through LINE.

Afterwards they started selling their albums (which they priced it a lot lower than it was supposed to be D8), gave signatures & handshakes, accepted presents & letters, before starting to pack up their equipments. Just when they were about to start, 3 girls came in only to have a chance to see them before leaving. They were being seriously nice again, and Kashitarou told Lefty & Taruto to do one last short chorus before packing, and they played what we most anticipated at first: START. \o/

Seriously, they are too nice. But thank you so much for being this nice to all of us. (;v; )

And with that, here's the set list for the day \o/:
Main setlist
1. Hoshiai
2. Share, We Are
3. Karakuri Pierrot
4. Natsu no Nioi
5. Sayonara no Kawari ni

Short encore
1. You

"Attending this live and skipping my class was seriously worth it!", is all I can really say now, imo. Though the live was small & short, it'll probably be one of the best lives I'll ever have from now on. There's a lot more things I've yet to mention in this post, but I'll post it, probably tomorrow!

Fooooooo it's been a while since I actually sat down to type a long post for a few hours ww /started at 2220 |D

Time to get recharged for more of them tomorrow now!!


EDIT (13/11/2013) : I added a part on how Kashitarou mentioned about how expensive Singapore is, and changed the title of track 4 too! I realized that it's Natsu no Nioi instead, and not Yakusoku. Sorry for any misunderstandings! D:)

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