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debbie★ ([personal profile] aera) wrote2013-12-10 05:03 pm
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X'mas / New year Letter-cards ~!

Hello ~ !

I'm thinking of trying to send some handmade Xmas / New Year cards this year! It probably won't be very special, since it's handmade and I have very poor DIY skills, but if anyone wants them, please leave a comment with who you are, who you want to be addressed as (on the envelope), and your address please! :'D

I've already screened all comments so that I'll be the only one seeing it, so no worries! \o\ Unless it doesn't work, then I'll delete the post and think of another way of gathering addresses instead! :'D

Again, note that they'll all be handmade! If you want to, you can request any characters that wants to be drawn too, since I'm planning to try drawing on everyone's cards www, or I'll pick a character I know you best for instead! XD And of course, I'll do my very best to draw them well www.

I'm planning to finish up and send all the letters by 18/12/13, hoping they'll reach by Xmas, or latest, New Year, so please comment best by Friday! :'D

Thank you ~! \o\o\

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