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This is really random, since I haven't updated my DW for....more than a year. It's not like I've been updating quite regularly since a year ago, but now that I have a chance to write up about something.... what the hey ~! \o/

I'll be talking about Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen in this post! I knew of it firstly from Asamack, since they were singing the ED of this game, and picked it up one or two weeks after its release date, since the cast looked pretty good.

Together with all the school work and slacking, I finally finished it after 4 months! (All CGs collected, all events done!) It.....took a whole lot longer than I thought w but heyyyyyy it can't be helped that I had work to do, and slacking to be done as well. /shot

Since Hatsukare's the very first otoge I've tried playing as a whole (not counting all the GREE mobile otoges (>v>)), I'll be posting with opinions on the game and routes! Probably what you'll call a review I guess? (・ω・) Though it'll probably barely be one. w

It'll be tl;dr, filled with my thoughts about the game, maybe a few spoilers, and probably some horrible grammar errors. So read at your own discrete! \o/

Here's my attempt in posting something \o/ )

Anyway, it was so enjoyable, that I actually forgot that I started playing this game mainly because of Asamack. www I still can't believe I didn't realise that Kiiyan (Taniyama Kishou) was voicing Yamazaki Sakuya, who is the protag's best friend, though. orz I only realised when I'm almost done with all 3 different routes. :'D

Now that I've finally finished this 2 days ago, I've started Brother's Conflict PASSION PINK! After playing Hatsukare's easy system for 4 months, and after playing about 4 hours of BroCon (lol all the 4s), honestly speaking I still have no idea how does BroCon's system work. orz I always have no idea when would be the best time to save (since unlike Hatsukare, you can't save during choices), and when would be the best time to do whatever event. orz I should probably try reading up a little of those guides out there... orz

With that, it's been a while since I've posted! (^o^ ) My thoughts probably went in different directions halfway through, but I've tried staying as close to topic as I could, already! w

Now..... should I continue my few year old drafts? ww cough my spring taikai experience with dagero and kaname cough


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