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On Friday, my friends and I chatted about our End-of-Year Prom, like how our faces -- with eye bags, dark circles and some pimples -- will probably ruin how we look, and how our 'body shape' will probably ruin the dress, no matter how nicely we were dressed.

cut for the sake of cut \o\ )
On a side note, I'm still working on my live report from February. Whoops ~ \o\
& I've yet to start working on that spotlight I kinda want to write for ofuro. Teehee ~ \o\
&& I really have the urge to cover something, even without the equipments, environment, software and time to do so. Aha ~ \o\
These should be the least of my plans now though... orz


Updating DW, since it's been a while. (.-. )
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After two weeks, my exams are finally over~! \o\ Though the future-deciding one comes next year... "orz I'm glad that I managed to 'restrict' myself from distractions, even if I caught up with Pandora Hearts, tried catching up with Kimi to Boku, & continued to catch Asamakku at night. |D;; B-but I managed to restrain myself from watching amunamas & on the laptop on weekdays, so it's all good I guess. 8D;; I'll just have to hope for good results now.. "orz Or at least, an average/borderline pass one 8D;;;

Moving on to meme ~! \o\


01. Favourite song
02. Favourite song (ver. rap)
03. Song which boost up your mood
04. Song which makes you sad
05. Song which reminds you of somebody
06. Song which reminds you of some place
07. Song which reminds you of some event
08. Song to which you know whole lyrics
09. Song that makes you wanna dance
10. Sleepy song
11. Favourite utaite song
12. The most not liked utaite song
13. Guilty pleasure song
14. Song you didn't expect to start liking
15. Random Random Random Random
16. Song about yourself
17. Song you used to like
18. Song from other part of niconico than utattemita
19. Song with nice dancing choreography
20. Song I like to listen to when I'm angry
21. Song I like to listen to when I'm happy
22. Song I like to listen to when I'm sad
23. Song I would love to hear on my wedding
24. Song that could be played on my funeral
25. Song that makes me laugh
26. I don't get it why this song is so popular
27. Song I would never skip on my music player
28. Song which started my adventure with NND
29. Song which is not popular for some weird reason
30. My favourite cover from this month (October)

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May. 12th, 2011 11:20 pm
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Mid-year Examinations are over ~ \o\
For some reason, these 2-3 weeks felt like more than a month... It was such a mental torture.. ;
It was rather smooth for these few weeks though, and I'm actually glad & impressed that I manage to make some study time for each day, even though it's only a few hours.

This is not flowing very well;; )

That said, I have no idea why I posted this entry too. ^^;; I guess it's just to kill time + update..? I've ran out of stuffs to do already, even though exams just ended. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing ;; dde, I guess I'll stop here. (noshi)
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This is my very first post in DW, so please treat me well, whoever is reading this. m(_ _)m
I'm still new at this, so I'm trying to learn how to use the html codes.
So for now, this will just be full of normal texts. m(_ _)m

A lot of stuffs happened today for me, in school and well, in my mind.
I think this is chance for me to post something for this account, so... >_>

sports carnival & etc. )

This is a really long post, and it probably got quite serious/emotional at the end.
But this was what I have been thinking in my mind for the whole day, so I wanted to voice them out here, and make myself remember such a terrible mistake.

I'll probably tend to post this long in future posts, so if you can't stand the long posts, I'm very sorry. m(_ _)m It's been like that ever since I started blogging with specifications for future references so...

Since this is a public blog, I also tried my best to type in proper english.
There may be grammatical mistakes due to my habits, so bare with me.
This shall be a way to improve my English essays too, so... yeah.

Hope you don't mind me, and some irrelevance. I tend to go out-of-point very often.
If any of my opinions/actions offended you, I'm sorry.

That's all I guess. I think I feel much better voicing them out here, so... Thanks for reading all the way here, if you're reading this site. ^^

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