Mar. 11th, 2011

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This is my very first post in DW, so please treat me well, whoever is reading this. m(_ _)m
I'm still new at this, so I'm trying to learn how to use the html codes.
So for now, this will just be full of normal texts. m(_ _)m

A lot of stuffs happened today for me, in school and well, in my mind.
I think this is chance for me to post something for this account, so... >_>

sports carnival & etc. )

This is a really long post, and it probably got quite serious/emotional at the end.
But this was what I have been thinking in my mind for the whole day, so I wanted to voice them out here, and make myself remember such a terrible mistake.

I'll probably tend to post this long in future posts, so if you can't stand the long posts, I'm very sorry. m(_ _)m It's been like that ever since I started blogging with specifications for future references so...

Since this is a public blog, I also tried my best to type in proper english.
There may be grammatical mistakes due to my habits, so bare with me.
This shall be a way to improve my English essays too, so... yeah.

Hope you don't mind me, and some irrelevance. I tend to go out-of-point very often.
If any of my opinions/actions offended you, I'm sorry.

That's all I guess. I think I feel much better voicing them out here, so... Thanks for reading all the way here, if you're reading this site. ^^

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