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This is really random, since I haven't updated my DW for....more than a year. It's not like I've been updating quite regularly since a year ago, but now that I have a chance to write up about something.... what the hey ~! \o/

I'll be talking about Hatsukare Renai Debut Sengen in this post! I knew of it firstly from Asamack, since they were singing the ED of this game, and picked it up one or two weeks after its release date, since the cast looked pretty good.

Together with all the school work and slacking, I finally finished it after 4 months! (All CGs collected, all events done!) It.....took a whole lot longer than I thought w but heyyyyyy it can't be helped that I had work to do, and slacking to be done as well. /shot

Since Hatsukare's the very first otoge I've tried playing as a whole (not counting all the GREE mobile otoges (>v>)), I'll be posting with opinions on the game and routes! Probably what you'll call a review I guess? (・ω・) Though it'll probably barely be one. w

It'll be tl;dr, filled with my thoughts about the game, maybe a few spoilers, and probably some horrible grammar errors. So read at your own discrete! \o/

Before my opinions, here's a brief summary about Hatsukare! (from what I've known from the game itself (ovo ) /lazy to search a proper intro \o\)

Hatsukare's basically a light high school otoge. In Hatsukare, you get to date:
- Asahina Kakeru, your childhood friend (CV: Shimono Hiro)
- Natori Shunichirou, your ikemen classmate who loves gaming (CV: Suzumura Kenichi)
- Kirishima Aoto, your hardworking kouhai (CV: Kimura Ryohei)
- Kariya Yuji, your well-known-'delinquent' senpai (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)
- Mochizuki Kazuma, your motemote model senpai (CV: Kaji Yuuki)
- Kujou Mizuki, your sensei (CV: Yusa Kouji)
There's more about Mizuki-sensei, but I shall not say it here, since it's actually quite a major spoiler. (^^;)

You get to hang out with them, go on dates, and just simply be good friends/sensei with all of them, in the span of 3-4 months. (April - July) The main goal of this game is just to get yourself your first boyfriend to go with to the Natsu Matsuri. Pretty much like that. \o/

I played the character routes in this sequence:
Mochizuki Kazuma (with a little or Yuji in between) → Kariya Yuji → Asahina Kakeru → Natori Shunichirou → Kirishima Aoto → Kujou Mizuki
and overall, if I were to rank according to my favourite routes (for all route: Raburabu, Pure and Friendship), from best to least,
Kujou Mizuki, Kariya Yuji → Kirishima Aoto → Mochizuki Kazuma → Asahina Kakeru, Natori Shunichirou
it'll probably be like this....

I probably liked Mizuki-sensei's route one of the most since I'm somewhat a doM well, it's a forbidden relationship ww (・ω・;) and Yuji's route was the best, imo, since he is unexpectedly really nice and 'fun to tease' ww

In terms of expectations though, the fact that I liked Aoto's route more than the other 3, is still a surprise to me, imo. O: I didn't even expect to enjoy his route, since I didn't even bother trying to activate any of his events when I played the first few times. w My first event of his was only activated when I decided to play his route after all the other 4, excluding sensei. |D; Aoto's route had the most and best content in the storyline, imo, which is why I thought he's one of the better routes. \o/

Mochizuki's route was full of being teased, which is good for a doM like me but his storyline in between wasn't really that entertaining to me, so I ended up liking his route the 3rd best...

Kakeru's route was the most disappointing to me though, since I expected a nicer storyline, rather than a slightly down route. But I guess it's probably because his relationship can't get any better with the protag, being such close childhood friends, that it was decided that there should be some downs for his story.... You know, like those shoujo stories in which when the male & female lead quarrels before realising how important they are to each other, before they finally confess and date and all. \o\ So I guess his route isn't all that bad. (・ω・)b

I didn't like Shun's route as much as others, probably because it's mainly about gaming and competition, but his July events were pretty nice, so I guess it's okay too ~~~ \o/

All in all, as a beginner of otoges, I gotta say Hatsukare's a good choice to start with, since it's easy to understand and play. \(ovo )/ I actually liked the pure routes a lot more than the raburabu ones. 3-4 months to meccha ichaicha is a little unrealistic to me, I guess. :'D Pure routes had a better pacing, imo. \o/ Not to mention that although the CGs were all pretty nice (GJ to Yukihiro Utako-sensei! \o/), I liked the CGs from the pure routes the most too. ww

Anyway, it was so enjoyable, that I actually forgot that I started playing this game mainly because of Asamack. www I still can't believe I didn't realise that Kiiyan (Taniyama Kishou) was voicing Yamazaki Sakuya, who is the protag's best friend, though. orz I only realised when I'm almost done with all 3 different routes. :'D

Now that I've finally finished this 2 days ago, I've started Brother's Conflict PASSION PINK! After playing Hatsukare's easy system for 4 months, and after playing about 4 hours of BroCon (lol all the 4s), honestly speaking I still have no idea how does BroCon's system work. orz I always have no idea when would be the best time to save (since unlike Hatsukare, you can't save during choices), and when would be the best time to do whatever event. orz I should probably try reading up a little of those guides out there... orz

With that, it's been a while since I've posted! (^o^ ) My thoughts probably went in different directions halfway through, but I've tried staying as close to topic as I could, already! w

Now..... should I continue my few year old drafts? ww cough my spring taikai experience with dagero and kaname cough